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Choosing To Reach the Next Generation

  • matt gallant

    “In the past two months, applying what I was learning on, I have seen 8 students make professions of faith.” 
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    Matt Gallant, Youth Pastor
    South Newington Baptist Church

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You’re Not Too Late…

4 Step Strategy

The recommended church strategy broadly follows four components:

Step 1: Select Your Future Course

Churches are invited and encouraged to declare their choice to “reach the next generation.” We will offer a registration process soon. Churches who choose to come on board may develop their own strategy from this point or follow recommended process that follows.

Step 2: Self-Evaluation

An honest self-evaluation is a very important strategic step. We invite you to self-evaluate by determining which of the statements below is most descriptive of your church:

  1. The church has no preschool/children/or teens attending.
  2. The church has fewer than 5% of attendees in childrens ministry or student ministry.
  3. The church has more than 5% of attendees in children and teens but baptize less than 3:100 (baptisms: worship attendance) in either category.
  4. The church has substantial numbers attending and are reaching children and teens.

Step 3: Seven-Sundays of Focus

Churches are encouraged to devote seven consecutive Sunday’s of prayer for reaching the next generation. [More info coming soon.]

Step 4: Strategic Action Plans

Implement a strategy to reach kids, teens, and post HS grads. Strategic action plans will be added to this site before the end of July.

Start Now!

It is never too early to begin. The #ReachingNextGen initiative will “officially” launch at the 2017 annual meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention. However, many church leaders are already at work. It is never too early to begin or too late to start reaching out to the next generation. Churches are encouraged to begin planning as soon as possible as we focus greater energy in 2018 and 2019 to reaching the next generation.